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ISIS Is BS: It's Just the Latest Greatest Gladio Operation

They are not extinct, but for all practical intents and purposes, al-Qaeda has gone the way of VHS.  They had a great run, make no mistake, the dominance of al-Qaeda in the global terror market created some memorable moments that secured their place in the annals of terror history, but after two decades a change was overdue.  They peaked over a decade ago with 9/11, but even the "successful" attacks they pulled off afterward paled in comparison.  A new scarier face was needed.  Something more evil, more brutal, with a darker more all-encompassing vision, like a Bond villain meets the fundamentalist Islamic Borg.

Demand, meet the new Supply!  Like an Egregore the Military-Industrial Complex wished into existence, ISIS burst onto the scene as the shiny new Blu-ray DVD disc designed to make us forget all about those stodgy Bush-era VHS bad guys.  You thought al-Qaeda was scary when they beheaded their kidnap victims?  ISIS beheads even more and burn people to death in cages!  You thought hijacking planes and flying them into buildings was the apex of modern terror?  ISIS is carving a Caliphate out of Iraq and Syria, something the old analog al-Qaeda only dreamed of!  ISIS has grown in leaps and bounds beyond when I first wrote about them, so much so that now al-Qaeda members are bemoaning their fate in the dustbin of history to sympathetic Western journalists as ISIS sweeps them aside.  Out with the old, in with the new!

I'm not sure how many actually buy this sales pitch, but I sure don't.  ISIS is BS; on multiple levels.  On one level, our Radical Establishment Media is propagating a phony debate over the origins of how ISIS grew into the terror behemoth it appears to be.  It's phony not just because it makes it appears that the American contribution in creating and nurturing ISIS was some kind of horrible accident, but phony because it assigns the blame in typical binary bullshit: either Obama is to blame through the Libya "rathole" story broken by Seymour Hersh, or Dubya is to blame because if he hadn't invaded Iraq under false pretenses in 2003, ISIS never would have been created.

As with most high-quality, well-crafted, effective bullshit, these stories both have elements of truth in them.  It is true that prior to the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, al-Qaeda in Iraq, who subsequently renamed themselves ISIL, ISIS, Islamic State and who knows what else in the future, did not exist.  There is also ample documentation, particularly through the DIA, to support many aspects of Seymour Hersh's story regarding a covert network channeling weapons from Libya through southern Turkey across the Syrian border.  What is BS is the propagation of the myth that the President creates and controls such covert networks.  The myth is designed to keep the Deep State the unaddressed elephant in the living room while maintaining the charade that, for better or worse, our elected leaders run the show.

But there is another level of BS that is uglier and raises disturbing possibilities along the lines of the old Hitler dictum: the bigger the lie, with heavy repetition, the more likely it will be believed.  Stories keep cropping up that make me doubt just what is and isn't real about the history of the "new" threat.  Like the New York Times story that the leader of ISIS back when they were al-Qaeda in Iraq, Abdullah Rashid al-Baghdadi, never existed and his audio-taped declarations were done by an actor.  Then there are the stories that are repeated, sometimes in the mainstream, other times on alternative websites, where the United States and Great Britain are caught sending weapons to ISIS.  The story in the Washington Post where retired Lt. General Thomas McInerney admitted that the U.S. helped build ISIS certainly had a headline that brought the big lie front and center:


The stories that really made my hair stand on end were the ones that wrote of ISIS reeking of being a NATO operation.  There was even an article in which Time admitted that ISIS was bringing arms and fighters in from NATO territory.  This, along with the earlier revelations involving the clandestine cooperation of Turkey reminded me of a revelation about Operation Gladio Plan B from Sibel Edmonds that I first quoted on this blog in Synopsizing Sibel Edmonds: The Evolution of Operation Gladio Part Six:

James Corbett: ...And on that note, we have an email in from Robert, who has a blog called where he is starting to synopsize our conversations and he's got Part One and Part Two up already and has done a good job of putting in some relevant links and explaining some of the characters and the details, so I will put the links to those blog posts in the show notes for this, and also Robert had a question, he said, "In Part Two, Sibel mentioned that the Pentagon doesn't call it Gladio B, but there is a designated section, a physical office that deals with Gladio operations.  Can she tell us what the actual name is, or has she been gagged from doing so on the grounds of State Secrets?"

Sibel Edmonds: Right, um, the FBI's file, because the name of the file itself wouldn't be even considered classified, it's the name of a file, the operation is considered the Operation Gladio Plan B.  With the Pentagon, I can't because it has not become public, and it is part of or under another division; and again that division if I were to name the division, people would be very familiar, and it will be say 'Why, that's an interesting place to put the Operation Gladio Plan B and the office there'.  I can tell you that the division is mainly international NATO officers, you're looking at lieutenant colonel and higher, and it has the only office that I know in the Pentagon with the highest number of Turkish officers, they're going to have both US citizenship and Turkish, but they're assigned to this Pentagon division.  Now it changes, every four or five years, some are stationed somewhere else, but if you look at it let's say during a certain period of time, the highest percentage are Turkish officers there, female and male.

Could ISIS be part of Operation Gladio Plan B?  That would be the logical conclusion, considering Edmonds has provided many colorful details about how al-Qaeda is part of Gladio B and ISIS is al-Qaeda's evil offspring.  There is more evidence of Turkish collaboration with ISIS regarding the sale of oil, including reports that they are buying oil stolen by ISIS at a price of $2 million a day (so is Israel, but that's a whole different elephant sitting the same living room, which AlicetheKurious from Rigorous Intuition brilliantly explains the history of).  The proof of a Turkey/ISIS alliance is so overwhelming, even Turkish-American host of The Young Turks Cenk Uygur made a great video concluding in a "Final Judgment" that Turkey was guilty of cooperating with ISIS.  Has Edmonds herself come to the conclusion that ISIS is part of Gladio B?  In an interview last year, she slyly referred to the attention shift from al-Qaeda to ISIS as a "brand change" for "marketing purposes", but she went into more detail in an interview last month with the snip below being especially revealing:

Silencing a Whistle-Blower, Gladio B and the Origins of ISIS. Sibel Edmonds

Global Research News Hour Episode 111: A Conversation with Sibel Edmonds

SE: I can give you a recent example, in fact my website or for short In 2011, months and months before Syria came in the headlines – anything about Syria was written on the New York Times, Washington Post and CNN – we broke a story based on my sources here in United States military but also in Turkey about the fact that special CIA/NATO forces in a NATO base in Turkey, which is in the southern portion of Turkey very close to the Syrian border, they were bringing in, in Turkey, the CIA/NATO Gladio unit, they were recruiting and bringing in people from northern Syria into these camps, part of the US air force base in southern Turkey. They were training them – military training –  they were arming them, and they were basically directing them towards create terror events inside Syria, not only against Assad, but also in various villages and regions against the people, against public.

When we broke this story and decided all this, nobody from the mainstream media even looked at it, in fact several of my sources, before approaching me at Boiling Frogs Post, they had gone with evidence, with documents, aerial pictures to some of the top publications such as the New York Times, but they did not print any of this, not because of lack of supporting documents, because at that point they were not ready in the United States to make Syria the real case, they were still in the midst of training and taking these people down, funneling them back into Syria. These are really pourus borders between Syria and Turkey. Then seven, eight months later suddenly Syria started entering the news headlines in the United States.

That was the training and beginning of the ISIS brand. It started as ISIL and then turned to ISIS and now for short IS. This was completed by design, it was created and the people who are part of the so called ISIS they were carefully selected, brought into the U.S. NATO base in Turkey, they were trained they were funnelled, and this is what they were told to do. They created a new brand and a new brand with purpose of replacing the old brand: Al Qaeda.

Al Qaeda, after twelve years started to losing its oomph as a brand, this is no different than any kid of marketing strategy you would see from companies bringing in the same kind of product, but under a different brand and packaging to excite the buyers, purchasers, the consumers. This is the same kind of thing. With Al Qaeda weakening as a brand because after a while people get like, oh yeah it’s the same thing, Al Qaeda here, Al Qaeda there, they are inside the wells, they are in my backyard, they are in the outhouse. So they said this is the time to create another brand so they gave birth to this ISIS brand. Within two years this brand that never existed before, and if you go and look at the headlines you can Google ISIS and financial network, this ISIS brand became the richest terror organization on the planet with two plus billion dollars net worth.

Think about it, how does that happen? How can in two years some ferocious terror group get to form and they have all these guns all these bombs, and they have range rovers and they have jeeps, and they have all this sophisticated training, military and paramilitary training. They have two billion dollars plus. They have IT networks and they are the worlds scariest terror organization. That is the hallmark of Operation Gladio B. That is what they have been doing since the 1950’s and now with people getting likely to buy they types of brands and subscribe to these types of brands to them, they are being marketed to the consumers in the west. They are gobbling it up with the mainstream media about this ISIS. They even have uniform like looks with the special bandanas. They look like ninja turtles.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they got some help from Hollywood production consultants they have on their payroll and some really brilliant marketing experts to re-brand Al Qaeda come up with a brand new brand, replace the old brand, and in less than two, three years make it largest, the richest, the most ferocious, the most capable. As they did with Al Qaeda, today they are putting out this headline saying ISIS has access and capability in biological weapons, people can Google this. ISIS has ability and capability to utilize chemical weapons in attack. Now they are saying that they possibly have nuclear capabilities. Even if you look at the unbelievable organizations that fairly quickly became big, you would never see such marketing scheme that in two three years you could become that rich, two billion dollars plus net worth.

This all goes into the years and years, decades and decades, half a century of experience in creating these synthetically created terror brands, and give them the oomph to market it to the consumers here in the west.

Is there another source to corroborate Edmonds?  Surprisingly, I found an article that I originally cited two years ago on this blog.  Not only does this source show a Gladio connection through two neo-fascist Italian operatives, but it does so in 2005, one year before al-Qaeda in Iraq came into existence and even mentions one of the formative patsies, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who first brought the group into media prominence.  The last paragraph is particularly perceptive:

Reading Between the Lines: Gladio Ops Designed to Discredit the Iraqi Resistance

Posted in the database on Saturday, July 09th, 2005 @ 10:40:10 MST (325 views)
from Another Day in the Empire

It seems the corporate media reported on the Osama Moustafa Hassan Nasr kidnap story in order to re-send the message that the CIA is in need of reform, as telegraphed in the wake of nine eleven by the Bush whitewash commission and the CIA’s freshly installed head, the neocon partisan Porter Goss. News stories over the last couple years portray the CIA as Maxwell Smart bunglers who allowed Osama to slip under the wire and fed bad intelligence to Bush and crew on Iraq, when in fact the bad intelligence (actually deliberately crafted propaganda) came from the Office of Special Plans and a handful of Iraqi “dissidents” such as Ahmed Chalabi, a Wolfowitz and Perle protégé and convicted embezzler.

Now that the corporate media has performed it assigned task—float another CIA as butterfingers story—the Nasr kidnap story will be allowed to more or less evaporate in standard fashion, dropped from the news cycle and more or less ignored to death, although the Associated Press is reporting the Italian government is in denial mode over accusations it knew all about the kidnapping of the Egyptian cleric in 2003. As for Gaetano Saya and Riccardo Sindoca, the two Gladio neofascists who ran a “parallel'’ anti-terrorism police force, and are apparently connected to the Nasr kidnap case (according to prosecutors in Genoa and Milan), this story has disappeared almost entirely (a Google News search this morning returns four results, three originating in Italy and one with the Guardian in Britain). 

However, if one reads between the lines, certain troublesome details emerge. For instance, as reported by the New Hampshire Union Leader, “Rome newspaper La Repubblica quoted the former head of the CIA’s Osama bin Laden unit, Michael Scheuer, as saying the CIA received authorization from Italy’s secret service, SISMI, before the [Nasr kidnap] operation.” Checking out the easily researched background of SISMI we learn the spook organization “has long been notorious for far right, even neo-fascist, leanings. According to Italian judicial investigators, SISMI was deeply involved in numerous plots against Italy’s democratic government, including the 1980 Bologna train station terrorist bombing that left 85 dead and 200 injured,” Canadian journalist Eric S. Margolis reported last summer. “Senior SISMI officers were in cahoots with celebrated swindler Roberto Calvi, the neo-fascist P2 Masonic Lodge, other extreme rightist groups trying to destabilize Italy, the Washington neocon operative, Michael Ledeen, and the Iran-Contra conspirators.” In short, SISMI is neck-deep in Gladio operations. As Margolis reports, the American liaison is none other than Michael Ledeen, an “influential” neocon with direct input into the Bush administration. Margolis continues:

SISMI works hand in glove with US, British and Israeli intelligence. In the 1960’s and 70’s, SISMI reportedly carried out numerous operations for CIA, including bugging the Vatican, the Italian president’s palace, and foreign embassies. 


It is now becoming increasingly obvious the governments of Italy and the United States are collaborating in a Gladio-type operation and the kidnapping of Osama Moustafa Hassan Nasr, a former CIA asset, was conducted to keep him from revealing more about the operation. For instance, as the Boston Globe reported on June 27, Nasr “was involved with Ansar al-Islam, a Kurdish Islamic group in northern Iraq that the United States said had ties with Saddam Hussein’s regime, the Taliban, and Al Qaeda, and, according to an Italian law enforcement official, the cleric was “involved in an organization that sent people to training camps in Kurdistan… [and] was involved in preparing false documents and passports for sending people in Iraq, [perhaps] to train for bomb attacks.” It should be noted that Mullah Krekar, the leader of Ansar al-Islam, told al-Hayat newspaper in 2003 he had “a meeting with a CIA representative and someone from the American army in the town of Sulaymaniya (Iraqi Kurdistan) at the end of 2000. They asked us to collaborate with them,” an offer Krekar said he refused. It is also interesting to note that Ansar al-Islam supported Jund al-Shams (Soldiers of the Levant), according to American intelligence officials quoted by Jeffery Goldberg and Christopher Allbritton, former AP and New York Daily News reporter. “Jund al-Shams is controlled by a man named Mussa’ab al-Zarqawi,” Allbritton quotes Goldberg, writing for the New Yorker.

Of course, apologists will dismiss the above as paranoia, and offer the corporate media take on events: Osama Moustafa Hassan Nasr worked undercover for the CIA and he was kidnapped because he had gone over to the dark side. Maybe. However, this does not explain why Saya and Sindoca, intimately connected to Operation Gladio, according to Italian prosecutors, were involved in the kidnapping. Gladio specialized in penetrating left-wing organizations and turning such into terrorist outfits. Is it possible SISMI, DSSA, and U.S. military intelligence (run out of Rumsfeld’s refashioned Pentagon) are penetrating Islamic organizations in Iraq and turning them into terrorist organizations designed to discredit the Iraqi resistance? If so, we should not expect the corporate media to make such (admittedly speculative) connections. Such is left up to us “conspiracy kooks” submerged within the blogosphere, reading between the lines, and understanding history and the murderous skullduggery of the state. 

The more things change, the more they stay the same!


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