Thursday, February 14, 2013

Addendum to an End

This post is an addendum to last week's post, both to correct earlier inaccuracies and to update the developing story of Chris Dorner.  I say developing because, even though he is dead, there are still aspects of the story that are as murky as a Lousiana swamp.

But first, I reported inaccurately that Christopher Jordan Dorner did a tour in Iraq.  Apparently, he was not in Iraq but was in Bahrain from 2006-2007.  Or was he?  CNN still has listed in their timeline of the case that he served in Iraq during those years guarding oil platforms.  Also, it does appear that there is only one manifesto, not multiples, though I must give credit to General Patton at Rigorous Intuition for noticing certain discrepancies and clarifying later.  But even the "complete" uncensored manifesto cuts off mid-sentence, mid-word even, with the statement, "We need to hold ou" and that ends the lengthy attempt to clear his name.

The update?  Even murkier.  Instead of escaping to Mexico, which was what news reports seemed to indicate given that Dorner's wallet and ID were recovered at the San Ysidro Port of Entry last week, Dorner holed up in a cabin right across the street from the police tactical command post set up to find him.  After one of the hostages in the cabin escaped, Dorner went on the run, hijacking another truck and ending up in another cabin.  There he engaged police in a firefight, wounding one police officer and killing another.  From there, things get murky again.  After lobbing tear gas into the cabin, the police tried to tear the walls of the cabin down.  They heard "a single shot", then flames erupted from the cabin.  The story was framed to make it sound as though Dorner set the fire, though I thought that sounded suspicious from the get-go; if the "single shot" was a suicide bullet, he couldn't very well set the cabin on fire afterward!  That was the story Tuesday night.  Yesterday, that story began to dissolve with online postings of police scanner audio with an angry officer shouting, “Do it right now,” “Fucking burn this motherfucker!” and a separate scanner captured this exchange: "All right, Steve, we're gonna go - we're gonna go forward with the plan, with - with the burn".  Faced with this evidence, police had to amend the earlier story.  For that update, I'll quote Wesley Miller, whose excellent essay I linked to last week:

Christopher Dorner: cabin fire was not intentional, say police 

“Police have confirmed they started the blaze that engulfed Chris Dorner's cabin but said the use of pyrotechnic canisters had not been intended to cause a fire.

"It was not on purpose. We didn't intentionally burn down that cabin to get Mr Dorner out," John McMahon, a spokesperson for San Bernardino sheriff's department, told a news conference on Wednesday night.

The admission followed speculation and controversy over whether authorities started the blaze to trap and kill a fugitive who had killed four people and terrorised police in a bloody vendetta against California's law enforcers.”
Sure, right...just like the feds “didn't intend” to burn everybody at Waco, or "didn't intend" to burn Gordon Kahl after they pumped a few thousand rounds into that house.

I said it in my recent article "Disarming the United States" and I was right - anyone who takes on the cops or feds with deadly force is committing suicide. Law enforcement WILL kill anyone who harms their own, the law be damned. - Wes

One more update: the charred body found inside the cabin has been positively identified as Chris Dorner.  Not surprising, considering when the police found the charred remains they found a wallet containing his California driver's license.  What's surprising to me is that while his body burned, the wallet did not and the driver's license didn't melt.  What's also surprising is that he didn't leave this wallet and ID at the San Ysidro Port of Entry as well.  How many of the details of this strange case is true and how much is an elaborate psy-op?  The closer I pay attention to this story, the weirder it gets.

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